About Us

A small farm, we are 2 fields with a stream in between. One side we have the animals, and the other is oozing with fresh produce we are growing. Access to the animal side is via a bridge. Our animals include, Buzz the Alpaca, who simply loves parsnips and lives with our Sheep. We have 10 Sheep and a few lambs (still lambing so not sure how many we will have!), 2 Goats, Tilly and Willow. Lots of pigs and piglets! Mixture of birds, chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks and turkeys. They are all very interesting to spend time with and love fuss, you will either be helping us to look after them or you will be spending time with them, giving them their favorite foods. 

We are a community interest company, and are non profit. We rely on donations, fundraising and commissions to keep our animals in tip top condition, and pay our bills. Led by a team of strong volunteers, we are all super lovely, and will help you settle in and make new friends, whether thats with the animals, volunteers or other attendees, please be reasurred that your time wih us will be very beneficial to your needs. We cater for people of all ages and abilities, and there are no end of things for you to do on our little farm.